Online marketing specialist


Online marketing specialists plan, coordinate, execute and track the online marketing activities of a company. From Google Adword campaigns to Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Management, all their work is aimed at making sure that the company’s communication targets are reached  with the right messages – and at the lowest possible cost. This job can be done at various experience levels and either full-time or part-time. Working hours can be highly flexible.

Typical roles

These vary by the specific field of activity.
  • keyword research
  • find and activate link partners
  • write texts
Social Media:
  • research material for social media postings
  • write and publish social media postings
  • follow user comments and interact on the company’s behalf
Performance Marketing:
  • develop, track and adjust campaigns
  • coordinate banner development

What characterises the ideal candidate?

general points:
  • highly flexible
  • quick to grasp things
  • proactive thinking
  • interested in computers and the Internet
specific to SEO and Social Media:
  • high affinity for the Internet and/or Social Media
  • knows about current trends
  • good writing skills
  • enjoys communicating
specific to Performance Marketing:
  • understanding of and ideally experience with online advertising
  • affinity for numbers

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