Everything you need to know to enjoy life and survive the legalities in Berlin.

23072009186Berlin is an amazing place. It attracts people from all over the world who make their home here – and as a result of this influx it has become a very special, highly international place.
But Berlin is still in Germany, so despite its madness and sense of freedom, the same rules and regulations apply here that rule the world in Frankfurt or Munich. In order to help you get set up with a minimum of hassle and frustration, we’ll take you through a few of the basics of living in Berlin on the following pages.
When you first move to Berlin, there are many things to get sorted. Make sure you take care of paperwork in a certain order to save time and stress – so check out the first steps section.Registration is one of those things to deal with right away. And health insurance in Germany can be quite confusing, especially if you don’t speak German. You can find out how much of your income will be left over after taxes and social security payments in the salaries & wages section.
To find out what do to in your spare time and how to move around the city, have a look at the daily life page. And even though you can survive in Berlin without speaking German, we’ve put together a list of language schools in case you do feel like learning the local language.
For information about Berlin’s districts, the history of the city, and even when localised riots occur each year, check out the Wiki Berlin Travel Guide.