Language schools

As you might already know, speaking German isn’t necessary for finding a job in Berlin or getting around in the city – but it still looks good on a CV, right? Most employers usually expect a basic level of understanding in speaking and reading German, and it certainly does help if you need to sort out health insurance paperwork, flat contracts and mobile phone contracts.

Private Language Schools in Berlin

A private language school is usually the best way to learn German in Berlin. There are a wide variety of courses offered, from conversational to “intense” fast-paced crash courses in grammar. Below are the different language learning options available in Berlin and good schools offering each.

Beginner’s German Courses / Conversation



Intermediate German Courses


DID deutsch-institut (also teacher training programmes, etc.)

Inlingua (also offers accomodation)

Advanced German Courses / “Intensive” Crash Courses

Berliner Sprachenschule
Carl Duisberg
Inlingua (also offers accomodation)

Kapitel Zwei  (also offers “conversation courses” on Fridays and Saturdays as well as courses for company employees wanting to learn Business German.)

Tandem Language Partners

A great way to learn German on the weekends or evenings, one-on-one tandem partners are fairly easy to find over social networks or language exchange websites. A language tandem partner is a person with whom you can practice speaking, writing, or anything! It’s free and of course, quid pro quo (you should help the person learn your native language as well!).