Privacy Notice

Work in Berlin is aware that the information from applicants collected on its website is personal data requiring a high degree of responsibility. The data is therefore treated as follows:

1. Collection, processing or use of personal data

Work in Berlin collects, stores and uses (in the following: “uses”) applicants’ personal data for the sole purpose of recruiting qualified employees for companies that offer job positions for such employees.
Any further use – especially for advertising, marketing or similar purposes – is excluded.
As far as Work in Berlin uses individual data fragments for internal statistical analysis (e.g. part of an address such as the postcode), these will be separated from other data items in such a way that they don’t allow a conclusion to be drawn from the remaining data elements and can afterwards no longer be merged.

2. Contact

Work in Berlin  will use the contact details (e-mail, phone) to inform the applicant about specific job opportunities for which his data is suitably fitting. This can also be done by sending a regular newsletter via e-mail from which the candidate can unsubscribe at any time.
Any further contact will be ceased when the applicant’s data has to be deleted (section 4).

3. Transfer of data to third parties

The data transmitted to Work in Berlin is passed on only to that company or those companies having job positions open which fall into the category of that specific job profile and for which the data is suitably fitting. This may also include companies which have partnered with Work in Berlin after the application data has been collected – as long as the data has not been deleted according to section 4 of this contract.
Further transfer of data to third parties is excluded unless there is an explicit consent of the applicant or a legal requirement to do so.

4. Deletion of data

The collected data will be immediately deleted when the applicant requests in writing (in hardcopy or electronic format) that the data be deleted.
Without such a request, the data will be deleted no later than 2 years after its collection.

5. Further information

For more information, please contact us at