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Our company was founded in 2012 as part of Urban Jobs GmbH and has since then worked closely with a selection of top-notch Berlin-based companies. Managing the applicants, we cooperate with our partner companies, but a close collaboration with our applicants is equally important to us. It takes two sides to close a contract successfully and our goal is to avoid unfortunate compromises. We listen and we value. We work reliably and professionally and do not let ourselves get upset by spontaneous, unusual solutions. Our focus lies on IT recruitment as well as on the field of Sales and Marketing.  

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Top 3% Recruiter
on Linkedin Germany

Marie Wittstock

Marie has been with the company since 2012 and is, among other things, our undefeated hero of direct approach. She disposes of a vast, international network, is extremely articulate and has a fine sense of humour. She is a thoroughbred recruiter with great amounts of intuition and experience.

Recruitment Consultant

Camille Mendel

Our social butterfly knows everyone, is always friendly and the picture of calm. He joined in 2016. Throughout his career, he has developed an unerring sense of the needs of our clients and always manages to reach profitable solutions for both parties. His valuable social skills have earned him the unofficial title of Feel Good Manager

Talent Scout

Christiane Schulle

Christiane joined in 2015. In the team she is the only one who did not graduate in economics, but in linguistics. Her great interest in languages and communication paired with service-mindedness makes her the ultimate implementer. She takes care of deadlines to be met and projects to be tackled. Also, she’s a walking cinematic encyclopedia.