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Many job portals work in the same way: You apply for a single job in a single company. One vacancy, one application, one opportunity to get hired. Work in Berlin is different. We want to help you finding a job that fits you. We work closely with a selection of Berlin based companies, some of them startups, others already well established with many years of experience in their field. All of them are continuously seeking new talents and innovation opportunities.

Joining our candidate pool gives you the chance to apply for several positions at the same time: One application, many opportunities.

The benefits of Work in Berlin

We and our partners offer you: 

Long-term contracts directly with our partner companies

VISA sponsorship if you are from a non-EU country

No temporary work

Employee Benefits : Flexible working hours, team & company events, training programs

Central, easy-to-reach locations Modern, well-appointed workplaces and a pleasant working climate

A strong international culture : Free language learning programs for non-German speakers

Get some tips to settle in Europe's most exciting city.

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